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Religion and God Essay - 1017 Words

- Theism: Belief in one God. (58) - Atheism: Rejection of belief in God. (56) - Agnosticism: In between to make the decision about the existence or non-existence of God. (54) - Indifference: Does not care about whether God exists or not. (53) - Freedom as compared with commitment: Ironically, the freedom costs the time and effort to find out the options and once you make a decision, you must commit to do it. (1) - The God Question: It is the question on whether God exists or not. The answers to this question set the value of everything, including the ultimate value of your life. Also, it determines what any human life is ultimately worth. (2) - â€Å"Grow more human†: No human being is perfect but improvable. Only human being can screw up†¦show more content†¦Therefore, the death is not a period or end of your life but the comma. To the people who do not believe in God or do not care about the existence of God, the death could be the end period of their entire life. God gave the freedom to choose on whether people believe in Him or not. He is patient until the human beings make the decision. Each of the human beings has options to choose. The choices can change the death into either the end of life or just a comma or a bridge to the next life in heaven. (2) â€Å"Faith as compared with belief†: I agree with the difference between the faith and belief. Since the faith is the calculated risk and belief is what you accept it, the faith requires more actions and commitments than just simply believing something. To have the faith, you have to be ready to take the risk if there is any. It is different than just to believe because it requires the responsibility for your actions. Order to earn what you want, faith in this case, you have to force yourself to make active progress. No one does it for you. It is your responsibility to accept the calculated risks and continue to have greater faith in God. 2) (1) â€Å"Grow more human†: This challenges me because I do know that no human being is perfect and so do I but it is very hard to improve myself every single minute of my life. Order to improve myself to grow more like a perfect human; I have to keep myself on the right and good trackShow MoreRelatedThe Religion Of God And Muhammed960 Words   |  4 PagesMany people in the world believe in something some people believe in god some believes god does not exist at all. Many different religions exist in world My religion is Muslim. I believe in god and Muhammed because that is what my religion teaches. However, I cannot really say that I am practicing my religion truly. My religion requires me to pray for five times a day and I have never done that. In fact, I do not even know how to do that. I am not proud of saying that but this is what I am. I amRead MoreGod, Religion and Plato1293 Words   |  5 Pages Plato brings up a lot of points in his discussions about the philoso phy of God and of religion. Many of these points seem to foreshadow what the Christian faith teaches, ideas such as the highest forms, the cultivating a life for the afterlife, and the immortality of the soul, and the idea of just and unjust med and their rewards. Though some of these ideas need to be changed a bit to fit in with each other, the main idea behind their thoughts seem to be parallel. In the following paragraphs I willRead MoreThe Concept Of God And Religion Essay1692 Words   |  7 Pagesof God and religion has an attribute of aseity (from Latin a from and se self, plus -ity) refers to the property by which a being exists in and of itself, from itself, or exists as so-and-such of and from itself. God is not dependent either for existence or for characteristics upon any other reality. It follows from this that God is eternal, without beginning or end. In abstract terms, God has absolute ontological independence. The divine eternity means more, however, than simply that God existsRead MoreThe Role Of God And The Religion1214 Words   |  5 PagesThe role of god, or gods, is an extremely complex and interesting topic to examine. Most religions out there, with some exceptions, acknowledge some form of god or creator of them and the world around them. The level of understanding and focus that these religions place on god showcases the complex role of the character and the religion itself. Each one has a different approach to this concept and each one has a different understanding. Examining the role of god in each religion really tells whatRead MoreReligion And The Nature Of God953 Words   |  4 PagesThe Nature of God is a category that always comes into question in many conversations or debates I have seen, and listened to and participated in, this is why I have chosen this topic. Some religions focus on subjective experience of the religious individual while others consider activities of the religious community to be most being wil ling to learn and engage into the very nature of God in different religions is an interesting topic on its own, and can be very educational as well asRead MoreThe Gods Of Aztec Religion975 Words   |  4 PagesThe Gods of Aztec The Aztec culture was one of the most complex and detailed cultures that has ever been around to date. Just how complex the culture was the religion followed suit. The Aztec religion was an intricate part of their way of life. The Aztec’s believed in a completely different way than most religions are today. We will discuss some of the early beginnings of the religion and how it got started all the way to the details of what and how they believed and â€Å"prayed†. As most people knowRead MoreThe Existence Of God And Religion868 Words   |  4 PagesHeritage Dictionary). Likewise, faith is defined in the Oxford Dictionaries as a strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof (Oxford Dictionaries). Faith is either trusting and having confidence in a person or thing, or having a strong religious spirit while accepting the existence of God as real. Usually, faith is parallel to god and religion, but faith can be f ound in values, in society, in the community, in organizations, in the universeRead MoreReligion : The God Of Israel1159 Words   |  5 PagesConor Doherty Religion The God of Israel First Paper Before coming to Regis I had never opened a bible, when I tell people that they usually write me off as an atheist or a heathen. This surprises me because after briefly looking through the bible it talks about how we should treat everyone as equals and to not judge others. The bible also wants us to reflect upon our own lives, which I believe is a very important aspect that the Christian religion should focus more on. The bible dates backRead MoreIs God And Religion Necessary?2101 Words   |  9 Pagesmissing after â€Å"one nation.† In fact, on Flag Day 1954, the words â€Å"under God† were added to the pledge. Today, this connects to the question: Is god and religion necessary? Is â€Å"under God† in the pledge and â€Å"In God We Trust† on U.S. currency necessary? Well, the debate is heating up as religion and atheism/agnosticism clash on the role of religion. Although many believe the opposite, religion and even more so organized religion is no longe r as necessary as it once was, and in many cases it is more harmfulRead MoreReligion And The Existence Of God2546 Words   |  11 PagesReligions are an answer to the reoccurring question of â€Å"Where did we come from?† Humans have had a constant inquisition of the reason for their existence burning in their mind since the beginning of time. It seems logical that in order for something to come into existence it has to start with a beginning, but it is hard for humans to wrap their minds around and label what must have existed before us that prompted the start of our time on earth. Religion started to emerge when humans realized that

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Explain How the Social and Economic Changes Affected...

Explain How the Social and Economic Changes Affected Gaucho Life Due to the huge migration to Latin America, foreigners introduced the gauchos to many changes that would have a lasting effect. Two of the main changes felt by the gauchos included social and economic restructuring. One must understand that history about the gauchos can potentially be biased. This is due to the fact that only news that is interesting is reported and only bad news is interesting. This clash of recorded history and actual history causes us to question what actually occurred during this time period. The gauchos lifestyle suffered greatly because of these social and economic changes. New institutions, values and beliefs all aided the transformation†¦show more content†¦Gauchos social lives covered many interesting areas. These traditional acts decreased because of the new laws. Previously, gauchos would roam the pampa, continuously moving onward to unknown destinations. This freedom became restricted with the invention of the fence. The fence also impa cted other areas of the gauchos lives including economically. The fence forced the change from a ranching to farming. The need for ranchers decreased, which put gauchos out of work. These fences also kept animals contained to specific pastures. Before this gauchos would kill roaming horses for fun, cattle for food and skins, and ostrich for feathers. These fences set territories that kept the gaucho from wandering freely. Another change that kept the gaucho from wandering freely involved vagrancy laws. The government targeted to the gaucho and aimed to get rid of them, or at least tame them. Gauchos now had to carry something similar to a travel permit. This again restricted their unique lifestyle. Because the government viewed the gauchos as good fighters, they enlisted many to serve in the military. This impacted their lives socially and economically. Gauchos social lives slowed down enormously because of the military. They had to work continuously. Economically they b enefited because they no longer had to look for ways to support their basic needs. The government took care of making them sustain life.Show MoreRelatedProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 PagesKnowledge (PMBOK) Concepts to Text Topics Chapter 1 Modern Project Management Chapter 8 Scheduling resources and cost 1.2 Project defined 1.3 Project management defined 1.4 Projects and programs (.2) 2.1 The project life cycle (.2.3) App. G.1 The project manager App. G.7 Political and social environments F.1 Integration of project management processes [3.1] 6.5.2 Setting a schedule baseline [8.1.4] Setting a resource schedule Resource leveling 7.2 Setting a cost and time baseline schedule

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Hrm Evaluation and Hrm Models Free Essays

Introduction The study of HRM evolves from the personnel management since from the industrial revolution age. During that time two types of perspectives are widely prevalent one is Pluralist and the other is Unitarist. There lies a significant difference between the two. We will write a custom essay sample on Hrm Evaluation and Hrm Models or any similar topic only for you Order Now As per Pluralist a multinational organization basically consists of large no. of subgroups where loyalty lies in each subgroup, whereas as per Unitarist it is a single entity which flourishes in harmony. In pluralist, the two important subgroups are trade union and management, whereas as per Unitarist it is unique. Analoui, 1999) Over the year the same thoughts prevail, but with the emergence of HRM and modern business strategies, many changes occurred in the field of HRM and can be explained with the help of various models. Multinational organizational structure, Multinational organizational strategy and HRM are interrelated. A large no. of models has been derived to discuss this and one such model is the beer Model . This model acts as a map or guide to develop strategy pertaining to relationships among all the employees. It basically concentrates on the soft aspects of HRM. It basically gives importance to the employee commitment rather than control. It is also based on the premise that employees needed to be congruent, cost effective and competent. This model is very successful in explaining various strategies adopted by the multinational organization as reward system leads to better job performance. However it is criticized on the resource based perspective that it disrupts the business focus of the multinational organization and also distorts the cost minimization and the profit maximization. ( Beer (1984)) Significant of HRM and Multinational organizational behavior as per various Models HRM and organizational behavior plays an important role in devising strategy to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the multinational organization. Various models are there which are helping the multinational organization to achieve their goals. The various problem faced by a multinational organization during following phases are given below. Scholars of HR suggested various models which is widely used by multinational companies as given in the following sections:- Problem to select right candidates during recruitment can be better explained by self efficacy model. ? LMX Model to define relationship between Manager and subordinates ? Job Characteristics Model to solve the problem of the characteristic of ideal job ? Goal Setting Model to prepare performance appraisal. Self Efficacy Model The term self-efficacy is used to describe an individual’s perception of how competent they find themsel ves and their abilities to achieve complex tasks. People with strong self-efficacy are more likely to accept more responsibility and accept more challenging tasks. They also believe that no obstacles can get in the way from stopping them achieve their goals. Individuals with low self-efficacy are more apt to looking as difficult tasks as intimidating and do not believe they that are capable of achieving personal success. Self-efficacy is something that is important in any multinational organization. However, it is more important at any multinational organization to hire individuals who have a High level of self-efficacy so that employee perceives themselves capable of achieving many complex tasks. This could prove to be an issue within the multinational organization because individuals could become bored or feel not challenged by the tasks designated in their position, which could lead to frustration for the employees and employer. Hence, Challenging tasks should be given to such individuals. An individual with moderate level of self-efficacy provides opportunity for the multinational organization to designate tasks to that are challenging, but also still attainable. It is good to hire large no. of employees of this category. Hence, multinational organization is using it to compare the self efficacy of the person with job requirements so that right person will be put at right place. This can be done in the following ways:- 1) An individual with moderate level of self-efficacy provides opportunity for the organization to designate tasks to that are challenging, but also still attainable. It is good to hire large no. of employees of this category. 2) The individuals with low self-efficacy can pose a problem for any multinational organization as they might hinder the productivity and success of the organization. Hence, in order to ensure more confident and driven individuals, it could moderately delegate more difficult tasks to these individuals in order to boost their confidence and the way they perceive themselves. Also, they could provide more positive feedback in their jobs and reinforce that the individual is doing well at their job. Leadership Model It is a model that suggests that leaders develop different relationships with each of their subordinates only through work related activities. There are two important groups to consider that a subordinate may fall under depending on which phase they fit into. The in group is defined as a low number of subordinates with high LMX relationships. The second group is known as the out group in which the number of subordinates is large and contains relatively low level LMX relationships (Hellriegel 323). Employees who find themselves in the out-group are likely to face high job turnover. This should be important to all management because high turnover is a very large investment for the multinational organization. The level of LMX has a significant relationship to subordinates satisfaction with their manager. Employees with lower LMX are more dissatisfied, less motivated, and more prone to quit whereas employees with higher LMX are likely to be satisfied with their work, more motivated, and committed to staying and contributing to the multinational organization (Hellriegel 323). LMX has three critical components which are mutual affection, contribution to work activities, and professional respect. When a subordinate has high mutual affection for a superior, the subordinate likes the superior as a person and will often come to the superior’s defense if attacked. High contribution to work activities comes into play when a subordinate goes above and beyond their job description to help the superior out. High Professional Respect is when the superior admires the subordinate’s knowledge and competence of the job (Hellriegel 323). Multinational companies are widely using it in the following ways for the betterment of relationship between manager and subordinates in the following ways:- ) It explains that generally if an organization doesn’t take steps to increase the mutual affection score of its staff then they will likely to enter the realm of the out group which could potentially lead to the employee leaving the organization because Why stay at an organization if you’re not happy with your manager? 2) One way management can increase the mutual affectio n is to take a more active role and listen to the complaints of the employees and to take the time to establish supportive and trusting relationships with the employees. ) Another suggestion as per this model might be to engage the staff in team building activities and icebreakers. It can be concluded that if the superiors and managers of any organization are not providing proper support to their staff and then there is need to make a drastic change soon because the organization as a whole could be affected. 4) Some possible solutions from this external factor might include taking the time to reassess what kind of support is needed for staff. One way to do this is anonymous comment cards. Have all the employees fill out comment cards anonymously and identify specific instances where an employee failed to receive support. This must be down anonymously by the employer because the employee might be unwilling to respond for fear of termination. 5) The manager may have a tendency to interact with other employees in an unprofessional manner. The manager can decrease this perception by keeping to policy or by adjusting his/her interactions in front of employees. 6) Management needs to do a better job of developing better relationships with its employees. Some improvement strategies include the use of assertive communication, appropriate communication openness, and constructive feedback with all of the subordinates. Job Characteristics Model The job characteristics model has to do with the idea of increasing the amounts of five job characteristics: skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy and feedback in a job. This model can be related to any multinational organization and its HRM strategy building since it looks into how well an employee has the opportunity to be motivated to work in the restaurant. It highlights the areas that need work in the restaurant and what the employees enjoy or dislike about working there. It also demonstrates which employees are content with working there for a while and which view it as a stepping stone towards another opportunity that has not yet befallen upon them. The model demonstrates a need for change in the structure of a multinational organization in case it wants to increase their employee’s motivation to continue their work there. Generally, there are two main approaches recommended to superiors for designing/redesigning jobs which are vertical loading and the formation of natural work teams. Vertical loading is when tasks that were considered reserved for management level staff are delegated to all employees. It includes the power to set schedules, decide work methods, breaks, and seek solutions to their own problems. Goal Setting Model Goal setting is a very integral part of any job. Whether you are attempting to better yourself or complete a project, setting goals is one of the most helpful tools to assist you throughout the process. Goal setting can definitely help a business in raising their standards for employees which will end up helping the bottom line. The goal setting model that we used for our survey seems to have a big impact on job performance. According to the model, if employees felt good about the goals they set, they were better at their jobs. It basically consists of five essential pieces must come together in order for the managers to gain benefits of a goal setting program. The first piece is that the person must be knowledgeable about the topic of the specified goal and have the sufficient capacity to attain the goal. The second step is that the person must be committed to the goal, especially if the goal is difficult. The third step is that people need feedback on their goals. According to the text, employees will raise their performance because they are afraid they will have past performance. The forth step is that complex tasks must be broken up into simpler more short term goals so that the goals can be attained. It is stated in the text that employees are more responsive when they know about their progress. The fifth and final piece is to have a situation constraint. One of the most important aspects of a leader is to ensure that employees have the resources to attain their goals and to help eliminate any troubles that may lie in the way. Now to discuss some of the benefits that goal setting can have on performance. According to the Don Hellreigel text, Goal setting motivates individuals to achieve high performance. Some of the benefits stem from developing difficult goals. When it comes to an multinational organization for example a restaurant, such goal setting can be setting goals for a certain dollar amount each table waited on per person. The benefits is that it will motivate people to develop aim to reach goals. It also helps people to focus their attention on goal-relevant action, and encouraging people to develop action plans to reach these goals. Conclusion From the discussion mentioned above by using various models of HRM, it is clear that HRM plays an important role in designing strategy of an multinational organization in all three levels i. e. corporate level, SBU level and operational level. It is clearly shown that how strategy can be derived in all these levels using these models. In the similar way the bath models also give importance to external factors of AMO i. e Ability, Motivation and Opportunity to devise the various strategies of the HRM. (John Purcell,2004) The seven principles filling the strategic gap of HR are as follows:- 1) It tells there must be sufficient employees with desired skill which is also mentioned by Self efficacy model to carry task at multinational organization. 2) There must be enough motivation as explained through job characteristic model to give desired performance. ) There must be opportunities given which is also explained through job characteristic model to perform job. 4) Responsibilities of line manager as explain by the Leadership theory to develop those qualities in their subordinates. 5) Distinction between policies and practices as per job characteristic model is the heart of bath model for better performance. 6) Job enrichment needs to maintain better performance 7) Consistencies in policies for efficiency and effectiv eness. References ? Analoui, F. 1999), Strategic Human Resource Management: Towards Constructing a Choice Model. ? Bagshaw M (2004) â€Å"Is diversity divisive? A positive training approach†, Industrial and Commercial Training 36, 4, 153-157 ? Beer, M. , Spector, B. , Lawrence, P. R. , Mills, D. Q. , Walton, R. E. (1984), A Conceptual View of HRM ? Hellriegel, Don, John W. Slocum. Multinational organizational Behavior. Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning, 3rd edition, 2009. ? John Purcell, Bath Model , University of Bath, 2004 How to cite Hrm Evaluation and Hrm Models, Essay examples

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Mass Incarceration Of African Americans Essay Example For Students

Mass Incarceration Of African Americans Essay Many people claim that racism no longer exists; however, the minorities’ struggle with injustice is ubiquitous. Since there is a mass incarceration of African Americans, it is believed that African Americans are the cause of the severe increase of crimes. This belief has been sent out implicitly by the ruling class through the media. The media send out coded messages that are framed in abstract neutral language that play on white resentment that targets minorities. Disproportionate arrest is the result of racial disparities in the criminal justice system rather than disproportion in offenders. The disparities in the sentencing procedure are ascribed to racial discrimination. Because police officers are also biased, people of color are more likely to be investigated than whites. Police officers practice racial profiling to arrest African Americans under situations when they would not arrest white suspects, and they are more likely to stop African Americans and see them as suspicious (Alexander 150-176). In the â€Å"Anything Can Happen With Police Around†: Urban Youth Evaluate Strategies of Surveillance in Public Places,† Michelle Fine and her comrades were inspired to conduct a survey over one of the major social issues how authority figures use a person’s racial identity as a key factor in determining how to enforce laws and how the surveillance is problematic in public space. Fine believes it is critical to draw attention to the reality in why African Americans are being arrested at a much higher rate. This article reflects the ongoing racial issue by focusing on the injustice in treatment by police officers and the youth of color who are victims. This article is successful in being persuasive about the ongoing racial issue by present ing an effective argument through various strategies. In the beginning of the article, Fine used the existing survey reports to support and justify their purpose to perform this survey to strengthen her persuasion. The survey analyzed urban youth’s interactions with authority figures, comprising police, educators, and security guards. This study surveyed 911 New York City urban youth over their experiences with, attitudes toward, and trust of surveillance (Fine 143). Furthermore, telephone interviews were conducted with 36 youth who have experienced severe, negative interactions with police, security guards, or educators. The reports indicate that urban youth proclaim a strong sense of faithlessness and mistrust by adults. Based on the survey reports, although there were about the same rate of African Americans, Latinos, and Whites stopped by the police, there were relatively more youth of color being arrested by the police. Overall, youth of color are more likely to report these adverse attitudes toward authority figures. The data demonstrates that among different races, ethnicities, and genders, youth report highly negative interactions with and mistrust in authority figures. Her argument is strengthened by this evidence. The reports validate that African-Americans and Latino juveniles have the highest rates of negative interactions and mistrust of the police and feel unsafe in their surroundings. The young men mention that there is not much they can do to prevent this injustice and biased treatment, and social profiling is unavoidable. The young men are more likely than the young women to have negative interactions with the police. Nevertheless, there is a high percentage of young women who encounter sexual harassment and abusive language by police. Numerous youth of color mention that the impact of negative interactions with those in authority is to make them feel unwelcome in public sites. Youth who attend small schools report trust in adults and they are more likely to depend on adults for assist ance. Predictors Of Husband To Wife Violence EssayNew York City has some of the worst aspects of the American city when it comes to racial issues. In New York City, people of color have been unconsciously marginalized. Although federal law prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender, race, and national origin, the public policies and urban developers favor the mass of the affluent class. Those who were born into a poor family are less likely to overcome their low social status. The affluent classes are attempting to keep minorities locked into an impoverished political and economic position by using strategies such as discrimination and social profiling. Highly visible examples of black success are essential to the preservation of a racial caste system. Black successor stories provide a belief that anyone, racial identity can be disregarded, can make the best of their lives, if they try hard enough. These stories attempt to demonstrate that race is no longer pertinent. Whereas these stories are actually reinforcing the system of injustice. Those in position of authority use social profiling and â€Å"zero tolerance policies† as a primary tool for enforcing traditional discrimination. In theory, public space welcomes everyone; however, the power structures existed in the society demonstrate a social trend where wealthy people and Caucasians move more freely in public space than minorities. According to this article, youth of color are facing exclusion and barriers to participate in workplace, school, and society, and they are at risk of being marginalized. This may potentially lead up to an avoidable serious racial issue in the future. Those in authority should take further action to ensure that children are protected from racial profiling. Works Cited Alexander, Michelle. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness. New York: New, 2010. Print. Fine, Michelle, et al. â€Å"Anything Can Happen With Police Around†: Urban Youth Evaluate Strategies Of Surveillance In Public Places. Journal Of Social Issues 59.1 (2003): 141-158. Academic Search Complete. Web. 26 Jan. 2016.

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The Jesuits Essay Example For Students

The Jesuits Essay Word Count: 1334 missionaries in America faced many problems, one in particular dealt with relations between the missionaries and the Natives. The letter deals with the treatment of prisoners after a brief military engagement and in addition, attempts by the Jesuits to convert the captured Iroquois. The treatment of the prisoners seems benevolent, compared to the past modus operandi used by the Church to hasten conversion. Furthermore, the letter exemplifies the hypocrisy of the missionaries after the prisoners, willingly, convert. This letter is a perfect of the Counter Reformation, and Churchs attempt to expend its areas of influence as well as to save more souls from the Devil. Furthermore, the content of the letter can be easily proven to be bias towards the Iroquois in order to promote Catholicism. This letter, being one of many, is a part of the Counter-Reformation and serves as propaganda for the Catholic Church. We will write a custom essay on The Jesuits specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now The author of the Relations letters, Jerome Lalemant, tells of a victory over the Iroquois. The first paragraph describes how the Algonquins, allies of the French, easily defeat the Iroquois without a single loss of their own. Immediately, the letter seems to embellish the victory of the Algonquins. The Iroquois were one of the most powerful tribes in the French America, possessing a large army of veteran, gun armed, warriors. In fact by 1675, the Iroquois had wiped out or absorbed four tribes, and destroyed most of the Huron country (Eccles, 138). Do to the strength of the Iroquois, it seems unlikely that the Algonquins would have been able to defeat the Iroquois, without inquiring a single loss of their own. In the second paragraph, the Jesuit priest describes the treatment of the captured foe. The author acknowledges that the first action that the Algonquins take, however, is to .return thanks to Heaven. The meaning of that can be interpreted in two ways. The first, is that the Algonquins are going to thank their native Gods. However, since this letter is being written to the Vicar General in France and the Papacy in the Vatican, however, it seems unlikely that Jerome would discuss native offerings. The second interpretation can be that the Algonquins have infact converted to Catholicism.Jerome continues with his observation of the treatment of the captives, by noting that they are not tortured. .instead of the shower of blows wherewith prisoners are usually received, instead of the cutting off of fingers, the pulling out of tendons, and other caresses, for so they call the prisoners first torments, which form the prelude to those that he is made to suffer by fire.(Thwaites, 107). Infact, the Iroquois are taken to the local Chapel, were they urge the captives to receive Baptism, and intone Canticles of devotion in their presence. It seems, that Jerome wishes to establish an image of, savages, as the Europeans called them, becoming pious Catholics. It is doubtful, yet not unrealistic, that the natives have become such dedicated Christians. Furthermore, the natives usually did not turn to Christianity due to the teaching, but rather of the advantages, it gave them. For example, .many Huron turned to Christianity as protection against sickness. In their zeal, priests (Jesuits) were not above using their influence to secure special privileges (firearms) for those who accepted baptism (Parkman, 264). The Iroquois finally agree to be Baptized before they are killed. The priest notes this act as; .the most heroic acts possible on the part of Savages. (Thwaites, 107). The Father considers the offering a chance to become Christian before death, a heroic act. This seems a bit hypocritical, due to the teaching of Ben Joseph (a.k.a. Jesus Christ), which stressed none violence. Jerome Lalemant, points out the animosity between the Huron, Algonquin, and Iroquois tribes, that even those Algonquins and Hurons who believed in Christianity, could not accept the believe that all Christian souls go to the same location. What, my brothers, would you have those people go with us to Paradise? How could we live there in peace? Do you imagine you can make the soul of a Huron agree with that of an Iroquois (Thwaites, 108)? However, it also seems that Jerome views the natives as less than human, even though it was natural to view the native with less regard, however, again it seems hypercritic to rega rd them as less human, even after the show of such pious Christianity. .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a , .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a .postImageUrl , .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a , .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a:hover , .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a:visited , .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a:active { border:0!important; } .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a:active , .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u3cb32729c91ac3258047a9f424c9610a:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Roosevelts Conservation and Consumer Protection EssayIn the fourth paragraph, the Jesuit priest claims that the Iroquois accept the teachings of Christianity with open hearts and souls.In addition, he adds that they exclaimed, How fortunate for us, that he who made Heaven and Earth, and who has no need of us, saved our lives. (Thwaites, 109). However, in the fifth paragraph, Jerome acknowledges that, these poor prisoners knew not what to think of such marvels; they were bewildered, and their last songs, which they call death-songs, were only upon the life Everlasting (Thwaites, 109). It seems ironic, that the people who only a short time before that accepted Christianity w ith open hearts, were now bewildered and confused. Furthermore, the Iroquois obviously believed that their lives were being spared, however, the Iroquois were tricked. Instead of being burned at the stakes like gentiles, however, the prisoners were dispatched with muskets. It seems obvious that the Iroquois believed that by converting to Christianity, however, their lives would be spared. However, not all the prisoners were executed, one of the Iroquois had Huron lineage, and was spared, this seems due to the fact that the French and Huron had an alliance. The Catholic Encyclopedia states that, force, violence, or fraud may not be employed to bring about the conversion of an unbeliever. Such means would be sinful (Vatican, 479). However, the Counter-Reformation was in full affect, and the use of torture, force, or fraud seemed a perfectly acceptable means of conversion as is exemplified in this letter. In paragraph seven, Jerome Lalemant claims that those take prisoners by the Iroqu ois are not treated this graciously. However, Jerome states that the Christians have the last laugh, since the infidels will spend eternity in either Purgatory or suffering in Hell. Furthermore, Jerome supports his believe by the brave actions of three Hurons who, a short time before the letter was written, were burned by the Agniee. Father Jerome claims that the three Hurons saved their souls, by uttering amid the flames, I am going to Heaven, which he claims they chanted with such ardor as to charm even their executioners. Furthermore, Jerome believes that their martyrdom served as an example to the executioners of how powerful Christianity is. It seems ironic that before the death of these three Hurons, prior to their death, were encouraged by Father Helene to meet their death with firmness in the possession of the Faith. This letter seems to be more of propaganda than a report. Infact, the mission reports, Relations Letters, were sent to the Propaganda, the Roman Congregation overseeing all missionary activity. It seems ironic the name of the Congregation, that received letters from around the world from their missionaries would be called Propaganda. Furthermore, the letter was published, and in the interest of spreading Catholic sentiments during the Counter-Reformation, however, for that reason the letters were reviewed in Paris and were edited. In conclusion, it seems that Father Jerome Lalemant seems to present ironic situations, most likely in order to please the Vicar General as well as the Propaganda Council. Some of the actions and relations seem embellished and exaggerated. Although the letter contains certain uncertainties, however, the letter does provide a case study of the relations between the European and native governments, relations between native tribes, attempt at pro-Catholic prop aganda, and the affects the Counter-Reformation had on religious policies towards the New World.

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Utilitarianism on extra marital sex Essays

Utilitarianism on extra marital sex Essays Utilitarianism on extra marital sex Paper Utilitarianism on extra marital sex Paper Essay Topic: Utilitarianism The negative association with sex outside of marriage arises due to the many consequences it could have; such as the broken trust that follows due to the violation of the vows taken inferno of God. With infidelity that has been committed by the women brings uncertainty on who the father is of any offspring this is frowned upon as men do not want to spend money and time on children that are not theirs. Also sex outside of marriage can also spread disease to the innocent which could cause physical and emotional pain. Utilitarianism only asks whether sexual behavior will cause harm or give pleasure: if, on balance, it produces more pleasure than harm, then its good. This isnt an excuse for wholesale rape and promiscuity; you have to think of your own pleasure, but also your partners and everybody else who would be affected. This is known as the harm principle and it rules out rape, adultery in most cases and other harmful, coercive or deceitful sexual behaviors. Jeremy Bantams writings on the law of marriage are firmly based on the principle of utility, the greatest happiness principle, which asserts that all human actions are motivated by a wish to avoid pain and gain pleasure. Beneath placed sexual love, which he described as physical sire, in the category of self-regarding motives for human behavior, along with pecuniary interest, love of power, and self preservation. Therefore in the course of drafting a utilitarian law of marriage Beneath set out an explanation of the pleasures and pains of sexual love. His discussions led him far beyond the confines of legal marriage and into the realm of what would today be described as gender relations. These might be homosexual, heterosexual, monogamous or otherwise, within or outside of marriage. Bantams views on sex and the principle of utility are dad particularly clear when he writes about wives, prostitutes and mistresses, and it was in this context that Beneath made his radical suggestion for short-term marriages. Utilitarianism is seen as a liberal approach to sexual ethics and those who are liberal beings would believe this to be the best approach for them However it is still difficult in practice to measure if the pleasure outweighs the pain and who directly gets hurt. The utilitarian approach is too liberal and allows for the slippery slope effect to take place where anything could in affect be Justified by stating that he greatest happiness is being maximized. A Christian approach to extra marital sex such as natural law will have a more rigid and stricter approach. The majority of churches today follow biblical principles, encouraging marriage as the right environment for sex. The Roman Catholic Church gives clear teaching on this: every genital act must be within the framework of marriage. If people do not follow this then they do not reach their full potential and reach demimondaine. Sex outside of marriage is forbidden. This allows people to make clear decisions when considering pinion this is the best approach as since the sexual revolution of the sasss, Britain has witnessed increased numbers of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. Fixed moral and religious rules would have prevented these problems. Utilitarianism is not an appropriate approach to extra marital sex as it is too liberal and can allow the potential for abuse. Sex is a sacred activity which should take place in the commitment of marriage; during a marriage ceremony, Anglicans vow with my body I thee worship.

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Animal Farm and Fascism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Animal Farm and Fascism - Essay Example During the times when the lower sector was going through wrong reasoning also the vanguard party suffered. (Ball pg 167) likewise in the novel, as the farms tracts down to a more totalitarian form of state, Napoleon becoming the leader kicks out Snowball by power and force becoming "our leader, Comrade Napoleon" (Orwell pg 93). This way the novel is showing Stalins way of communist governance, where power lies with the one in leadership. Also the way Napoleon rooted out Snowball is similar to Stalins behavior towards Trotsky and his other political rivals. Fascism also requires a very bold, strong and courageous leader. An example of such great fascist leader is Hitler and Mussolini. The way people in Italy had this firm faith that Mussolini was always correct. In the same way Boxer believed that Napoleon was always justified throughout the novel (Ball pg 201). In the course of the novel Napoleon is given a lot of importance. He is the leader, the head of the entire farm. He is always protected by furious dogs. Therefore it clearly shows that animals idolize him as noble and superior. This is also one of the similarities regarding the two ideologies in the book. Terror and propaganda are used in the novel to show Stalins communist and fascist ideologies together. Stalin tried to impose the era of terror in which purges were used. He also used arts to increase interstate propaganda (ball0 pg 166-167). This was also used by fascist states like Hitler made use of brown-shirts and defined characteristics of inferior races (Ball pg 204-205). Squealer used digits to manipulate the animals in order to convince them that they were in a better state by having pigs as their leaders. Also Napoleon kicks Snowball out before he executed in general masses other traitors (Orwell pg 53; 83). It is not easy to clearly differentiate between fascism or communism when it comes to